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Watch the Unity Card Trailer, which is also running in the cinema Comet Cine Center!
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All information about Unity Card:

10-20% discount in your town!

Exclusive price advantages with your Unity Card. Example:

tl_files/bilder/dot.png 20% on everything, free entry, free drinks happy hour drinks any time, etc.
tl_files/bilder/dot.png in places such as cinemas, clubs, bars, shops, fitness studio, hairdresser, restaurant etc.
tl_files/bilder/dot.png Show your card and there you go! No need for collecting points or dates, no subscription scheme



Studenten sparen bis 20%
Unity Card – there is no better way!
Unity Card gives students and full-aged pupils the exclusive possibility to save high amounts of money. Without long search: Because with its many partners within areas such as catering, nightlife, shopping, services and culture, Unity Card offers you the perfect mix in your town. No matter whether you wish to go to the hairdresser or the cinema, attend the fitness studio or a club – with Unity Card you save up to 10 – 20% each time, and sometimes even more!
Top Partner
Mc Donald´s, Knuffmann, cinemas and many other partners
including well-known brands and chains, but also a range of insider and student tips.
With Unity Card, you will be able to enjoy your university town and you will be welcome everywhere where students meet. You just show your Unity Card and you are granted free entry, 20% discount or a similar extra service!

bares Geld sparen
Save money every year – and get it all
If used regularly, the Unity Card can help to save you some hundreds of Euros per year. This makes your student life easier, gives you more leisure time and more time for mastering examination periods. For just €16.50, the Unity Card is valid for one year and sent to your domicile postage-free for you to start saving without delay. That is less than €1.40 per month – i.e. once per month to the cinema, a café or your favourite club, and your Unity Card has already paid for itself.
Kein Abo, Keine Kreditkarte - die Vorteilskarte für Studenten!
No subscription, no credit card – 100% student-like!
With your Unity Card, there are no rotten compromises; because the Unity Card is neither an annoying subscription which needs to be cancelled nor a credit card tempting you into impulse purchases. It just needs to be shown and expires automatically. Only if you wish to do so, you can reorder your Unity Card for 6 or 12 months. Just the way students like it!